What should we do when someone is busy and they ask you to call back, but then they don’t bloody answer?


The age old questions start spinning round all our heads:


  • Do they even want to speak with us?
  • Is their phone on silent?
  • Are they away from their desk?


Even if they have been a client for years we all still worry “what if I have done something wrong?” or “have they found anyone else?”. The reality is, it’s our fault, we haven’t caught them at the right time.


People are busy and most Decision Makers are stacked out 90% of the time, so we need to find out when that MAGIC 10% is!


I have a lot of clients who work (well, have time for me) at random hours of the day, some are before 9 and some are even 9 at night. But if I didn’t get hold of them during this magic time I wouldn’t work with them.


Everyone would love to think that people work from 9-5, but if you believe that then you need your head checked out. These Decision Makers are in this position because they have worked their arses off, more than likely well before 9 and well after 5.


Don’t get pissed off when they don’t answer after lunch or if they cancel an outlook invitation. Just find out when they are free and have the honest conversation “no bullsh*t, when are you free?”